Decisions, Decisions

Hello, my lovlies. Glad you're interested in keep up with the Jones. Or, the Rhodeses. Or well, you get the idea. 

I will be sending out a newsletter once or twice a month. I will give you personal snippets, silly pictures, excerpts and if I have them, deleted scenes. 

Here's where I reveal the world's most poorly kept secret--
I am Katherine Rhodes AND J. Rose Alexander. 

So, dear reader, you have a choice to make. And I want you to make an informed decision- 
Katherine Rhodes writes hot romance and paranormal romance. I mean, this stuff makes you blush and peels the paint off the walls. There's no holding back. There is erotic romance and bdsm and just all kinds of kinky stuff. And occasionally, one or two of them will be toned down for a more contemporary feel. But not all, and not all the time. 
J. Rose Alexander writes everything else- scifi, fantasy, alternate history, urban fantasy, paranormal, urban paranormal, slipstream, superheroes... and it will have romance in it, but these characters will 90% of the time close the door and shut the lights off for their relations. If you are in the bedroom with them, the language will be soft. 

I don't skimp on plot. Ever. Under either name. I will never write a sex-for-sex's-sake book. There will always be a plot. 
If you sign up for Katherine, you will get information for J. Rose as well. 

So please let me know below: would you like to hear from just J. Rose? Or everything from Katherine?
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